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Edit pictures your way

Edit pictures with Gimp

I use a variety of tools to edit pictures that include open source software such as Gimp along with commercial editing software I purchase online. If you are just a casual user and want to edit pictures without investing any money in expensive commercial editing software then open source options are your best route. I prefer and open source program to edit pictures called gimp that you can download online for free. You can use many of the automatic features in Gimp to edit pictures such as auto color correction and white balance. Gimp also has more advanced features for those that want to take picture editing to the next level beyond the automatic features available. Some of the more advanced features include the ability to fix perspective distortion caused by lens tilt. In my opinion Gimp is a really great way to get started editing pictures without having to spend tons of money on photo editing software.

Editing pictures and support with open source programs.

Getting support with editing pictures using open source software such as gimp is really quite good and is provided by an active and friendly community online. You can find great tutorial on youtube from anything to creating an animated .gif on up to creating HDR photos from multiple exposures. The other nice thing about getting support editing photos with gimp is the user forum. The forum is very active with quite a few members eager to help with different types of photo editing questions. It might be worth giving gimp a try if you want to get a professional quality software program for a cost that most people can agree upon. Great free software for editing pictures is something that most photographers can appreciate and will enjoy.