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A Canon Camera to die for

I recently purchased a new camera to serve as my main camera thus allowing my 600D to serve as a backup. After spending tons of time trying to decide what camera to get I ended up going with Canons least expensive full frame camera. The camera I decided on was the Canon 6D mostly because I am an avid nightscape and astrophotographer. The reviews and images posted from the 6D are simply amazing and on par with more expensive Cameras like the Canon 5DMIII which is really a great camera as well but wasn’t worth the extra money for me. The other nice thing about the 6D is the size, its really portable and isn’t much bigger than my 600D which is a big plus in my book. If you are looking for a great camera for shooting the night sky and you want to upgrade to full frame then the Canon 6D is a great camera for the money in my book.

Why I upgraded to a Canon 6d

I spent over a year thinking about getting a new camera and often compared shots from different cameras online. The most important thing for me with a camera was the ability to be able to take photos of landscape and stars on dark sky nights. Shots like this one of the Milky Way helped to convince me that the Canon 6D was up to snuff when it comes to astrophotography.

The price of the 6D made it desirable as well, since it really is the most inexpensive full frame camera Canon has in its lineup of new cameras on the market. The size of the camera is nice and when you compare it to the next camera up in the full frame line of cameras the 5D MIII is a bit larger when you compare them both.I would say the 6D feels more like my Canon T3I which is the perfect size and what I am used to using.

T3I Milky Way Shots

Tucson Milky Way