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Astrophotography tips and ideas for capturing the Milky Way

Taking pictures of landscapes with the Milky Way in the background has become quite popular with many people from all around the world. Its not hard to understand why people love to see Milky Way pictures and enjoy astrophotography. I have a few tips that should help those who are starting to get into taking pictures of the night sky.

1. Make sure it’s as close to a new moon as possible, usually you can get away with around five days before or after a new moon.

2. Find a location that is as far away from a major city as possible and with no cars driving by to ruin your shot. The less light pollution you have the more likely you will be able to get a great shot of the Milky Way.

3. Use a tripod to keep your shot steady and avoid camera shake.

4. A remote shutter release is very handy to help avoid camera shake by allowing you to take a picture without touching your cameras body.

5. Make sure your camera is in Manual mode, you will want to experiment with longer exposures (typically no more than 30 seconds) and setting your lens to infinity.

A film about the Milky Way



The interesting thing about the Milky Way is the fact that many city dwellers have never seen it with their own eyes. If you live in the country in dark sky locations then you know what the Milky Way looks like in person. I really believe that when we lose our connection with the stars and the natural world something dies in us as human beings.

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