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Milky Way shot at Fool Hollow lake in Show Low Arizona .

I was fortunate enough to get out of town on Thanksgiving and spend some time at Fool Hollow lake in Show Low Arizona. You can see a little bit of light pollution due to city lights near the base of the Milky Way as it leads up to the sky. Even with moderate light pollution the Milky Way is still something to behold and its something that makes this photographer amazed every time. If you want to start practicing astrophotography or just want to see the Milky Way for once in your life, I recommend finding a dark sky on a night as close to the new moon as possible.

Milky Way Show Low Fool Hollow Lake Show Low Arizona

Show low Arizona Milky Way Shot with a Canon Camera

Photo Details

Canon EOS 6D


14MM Rokinon

30 Sec Exposure

Photography in Bryce Canyon Utah on a dark sky Night

I took this photograph of the Milky way in Bryce Canyon Utah in 2013 and it consists of some light painting and a long exposure. The light you see on the path is from people walking in front of me with flash lights. If you take a close look at the trail you can see the forms of people as they walk very vaguely. The Milky Way really pops in this photograph due to the dark sky and the fact that it was very close to a new moon which is key to taking great Milky way Photos.

Milky Way Photo Bryce Canyon Utah

A milky way Hike in Bryce Canyon.


Shot Specs

Canon 6D

ISO 6400

17-35 MM Canon lens

30 second exposure